Stitch Castle- Motorcycle Vest Embroidery, Embroidery Design,Corporate Specialty Items and golf shirts for embroidery
Stitch Castle- Motorcycle Vest Embroidery, Embroidery Design,Corporate Specialty Items and golf shirts for embroidery

Paint With Threads, The DIGITIZING PROCESS
 Stitch Castle can make your  Embroidery designs come ALIVE!    We do this by using our state of the art computer imaging and digitizing equipment, along with our 32 tears of computer and embroidery graphics experience...
 In our Paint with Threads process we give your logo the little extra touches that add realism and a more dimensional look. We create unique textured thread patterns that reflect your business or the need that brought you to us in the first place.
 It is our belief that an object represented in thread should look as much as possible like the real object....
        For example ...when we develop an Embroidery design an embroidered motorcyle vest, we think that the tread on the tires should be a true representation of the real thing, or if an item is rounded, the texture of the stitches and the pattern used to represent it should make it look as if it is should have a 3 dimensional look wherever possible.

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