Stitch Castle- Motorcycle Vest Embroidery, Embroidery Design,Corporate Specialty Items and golf shirts for embroidery
Stitch Castle- Motorcycle Vest Embroidery, Embroidery Design,Corporate Specialty Items and golf shirts for embroidery

 Embroidery, Digitizing, Motorcycle Vest Embroidery and Corporate specialty items


Stitch Castle Embroidery, Digitizing, Corporate Specialty items, Golf Shirts and Motorcycle Vest Embroidery 

 Check us out.. Stitch Castle NC began as a digitizing studio. We wanted to create more artistic embroidery designs. I think what you see on our website will show you that we succeeded.   For the most artistic embroidery designs on customized items like embroidered motorcycle vests, hats,golf shirts, and other gifts, come to the kingdom: Stitch Castle . Our love for digitizing designs led us to create a unique process for embroidery that allows for customized, corporate specialty items, gifts, as well as special items for motorcycle clubs, sports teams, and your special group.    Raleigh North Carolina's Embroidery Experts    Our customized products are made possible through technology – a sophisticated digitizing system that allows our digitizer to digitize any design you'd like – from Logos or Corporate Specialty Emblems for Golf Shirts etc, to customized artwork for Motorcycle Vest Embroidery or other club and sports teams paraphanalia.   Our monogramming services create attractive looks for all sorts of gifts, from apparel to sports teams merchandise.  When car and Motorcycle clubs need customized leather vests,shirts,hats & Leather goods, they look to us for specialized digitized designs that look great and wear long.   Our love for creating quality designs has given us a reputation for customer service that goes above and beyond our competition, and when you work with Stitch Castle, we guarantee you will love the results.  Our quality digitizing is the secret to creative embroidery.  We take simple or plain designs and make them into truly special works of art.  When we digitize artwork for machine embroidery, we use our expertise not only to pick the right shapes and colors, but to choose the textures and blends of thread that create three dimensional works.  Stitch Castle NC is a digitizing and machine embroidery company that provides custom embroidery, digitizing and monogramming for all types of garments and items.  Businesses, clubs, sports teams, and motorcycle groups are among our best customers.  They have helped us to succeed in this specialized business for more than 25 years.  Corporate clients love our hats, golf shirts, and specialty items.  Our expertise in producing attractive merchandise that you'll be proud to give and wear has led to our success at becoming one of the most popular sources for customized embroidery  in North Carolina.
 1. Read about how the Digitizing (Design) and Embroidery processes work (click on either the Digitizing or .....Embroidery button or:
 2. Click on one of the sample design type items ( Motorcycle or Corporate) This will give you a sampling of what ....we can accomplish for you. You can also check out our Catalog to find items for embroidery. Don't be ....frustrated if you can't find what you are looking for, we have lots more...... Call us!.


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